Why to Stay in ‘The Manor’ When on a Business Trip or Family Holiday in New Delhi?

The Manor – A Luxury Boutique Hotel

Located in the lush area of Friends Colony in New Delhi, India, The Manor is a luxury boutique hotel with 15 beautifully designed rooms, which have been categorized as ‘The Manor Room’, ‘The Manor Junior Suite’ and ‘The Manor Suite’. Of course, there are many other hotels in the city, and you should book your room in the best hotel in the city. We don’t claim to be the best, but we can guarantee comfortable rooms, world-class hospitality and personalized services; in short, we are committed towards providing our customers with a Luxury Hotel Experience.

  •  Indian Accent - Restaurant & Bar
  • 24-hour in-room dining service offering traditional Indian and Mediterranean cuisine
  • 24-hour concierge and personal assistant service
  • Full laundry, valeting and housekeeping service
  • Chauffeur driven cars and cultural tours
  • Private meeting room
  • Business Center
  • Wellness
 In fact, there is a lot more :-)

Yoga and Massage
Our highly-trained Yoga Masters are here to offer you the best of Yoga benefits. And then, there are Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Massages with special herbal oils.  

Planning a Business Trip or a Holiday with Family in Delhi?
Whether you’re eyeing for a stay in one of the top hotels in New Delhi or boutique hotels in Delhi, ‘The Manor’ is there for you. For Reservations, call +91 11 43235151 or email us at info@themanordelhi.com

Know What Boutique Hotels Exactly Are

You must have surely visited a hotel in your life, might also have tasted the delicious mouthwatering food but you might not be aware why many of the hotels that provides world class facilities call themselves Boutique hotels, right? Actually, nobody care much that why they class themselves as boutique? What exactly are they?

Let’s find out why they profoundly call themselves as best boutique hotel in New Delhi. The word describes something that which is of affluent level, something of upper class.  These types of hotels provide you the luxurious facilities and even friendly setting in a calm environment. They are different than other hotels as they are generally furnished in a styled theme with the availability of intimate, coziness and welcome setting that which is hardly found in many of other hotel developers.     

Just ask for any type of facilities they will make it available instantly without any delay. All of their guests come with Wi- Fi facilities, AC, TV and many other services that you want to make your stay comfortable.    

But, sometimes, boutique hotels pitch no such facilities as they feel it weakens from what a boutique hotels in Delhi is and as an alternative focus on just proposing a room in a setting that is quiet and relaxed instead of filling the room with equipment and gadgetry which goes in contradiction of what boutique hotels actually are.